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September 2016

14 – The EU has to be harsh with Britain if it is to survive

August 2016

19 – The refugee crisis has proven that we are not global citizens

16 – Referenda can’t be justified if they never end

7 – Brazil has reminded the world of its strong soft power

6 – Cameron’s cronyism has exposed an out-of-touch political class

3 – May says she’ll make Brexit a success, but what about Scotland and the North?

July 2016

27 – Labour’s ganging up on Corbyn is only setting the party backwards

26 – Communities are turning against each other in a new era of terrorism

25 – The Democrats have lost their integrity – maybe the presidential election, too

25 – Angela Merkel was in charge of the EU – now it’s Theresa May

23 – The West can’t let Erdoğan win, and must push for real democracy

17 – The Tories’ secret weapon in Scotland is working at last

17 – The US election will leave Congress divided and society polarised

14 – The future of Boris and his ambition is in May’s hands

June 2016

27 – Disposing of Corbyn is undemocratic and mindless

26 – Sturgeon has total power over UK’s fate after Brexit

24 – The EU referendum has highlighted not only the European Union’s faults

23 – Politics isn’t about what you favour, but instead about what you don’t

3 – The Westminster system is halting UK political progress

2 – The economy is the UK’s only care in global matters

May 2016

31 – The EU debate’s slips and slurs have degraded politics

21 – Bernie Sanders has created a long-lasting US left-wing

17 – Trump is showing up the US ‘grand old’ Establishment

12 – Greece will recover if the EU is realistic and pragmatic

9 – The Tories’ Saudi arms trade is killing innocent civilians

7 – Sadiq Khan’s victory shows that Londoners are not naïve

6 – Nationalist and unionist feelings prevented Labour wins in Scotland

5 – Young people are being forgotten during UK election campaigns

4 – Refugees, extremism and the EU do not justify curbed press freedoms

April 2016

20 – Brazil’s democracy is working, but Rousseff should trigger a new revolution

17 –Solidarity will ensure that Britain wards off climate change

15 – A disastrous racial divide is splitting our society

12 – Ideologies and EU unease prevented an easy win over British steel

9 – The White House should be sweating over the FBI’s liberty abuse

5 – Panama Papers: Britain has the power to halt underhand tax havens

3 – Inner party rivalry is widening the gap for more united centrists

February 2016

7 – Don’t shrug off Trump as just another short-term right-winger

January 2016

24 – Businesses mustn’t get too big for their boots when it comes to tax

5 – Corbyn’s fragmented party is felling a future of success

1 – Climate change is coming, and the UK should be ready to face it

December 2015

3 – The UK’s hand in striking Daesh will become Cameron’s greatest regret

September 2015

3 – We must sit up, listen and do what is right instead of spectating as only our neighbours dirty their hands